Headshot of Dr. Josephine Grant

Dr. Josephine Grant

Dr. Grant is from Halifax and is a graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island. After graduation, she completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery and then practiced emergency/ critical care medicine at a referral Hospital in Massachusetts USA before returning to Nova Scotia. Josephine resides in Halifax with her husband Derek, their dog Winnie and cat Riley.
These people truly care about my pets. Their prices are half of what you would pay in the city so…

Richelle Gregg

The Docters and staff are always wo helpful and kind. Thankful for what do

Carolyn Oleary

Kind, respectful and knowledgeable staff. They treat you and your pet the right way. A+

J Smith

The vets are so kind and special. The animals luv them.

Cyndy Weeks-dagenais

Great vets. They really care about their furry patients

Kate Northup


A Lifetime of Care

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