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Dog Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering pets is important from a medical perspective. It helps decrease unwanted behaviours and has a significant impact when it comes to controlling the unwanted pet population (think strays and shelters).

Medically speaking, intact males and females are at risk for certain forms of cancer. Intact (non-spayed) females are at risk for a life-threatening condition called pyometra which is an infected uterus. Unspayed and unneutered dogs can display unwanted behaviours such as mounting and roaming/breaking out to access a mate. Too many dogs wind up in shelters every year because there are not enough homes for them. Bringing more puppies into the world only adds to this issue.

What does neutering/spaying do to a dog?

Spaying or neutering your dog ensures that they cannot reproduce.

How old should a dog be before they are neutered/spayed?

Most dogs will be spayed or neutered between 6-7 months of age. Some breeders of large breed dogs advocate for a later surgery (between 12-24 months) to allow for full growth. We are happy to work with you to determine what is best for your dog.

How much does it cost to neuter/spay a dog?

Your dog’s surgery, including pre-anesthetic blood work, the anesthetics used, the time required and post-operative medications, is tailored specifically to them. We are happy to provide you with an estimate of fees before the surgery following your dog’s examination.


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Last updated: April 20, 2021

Dear Clients,

With recent changes to restrictions on businesses, we can continue providing our full range of services, under certain restrictions. As our province enters the next phase of the reopening plan, we have some updates to share with you about our safety measures.

We are continuing to see all cases by appointment only including pets in need of vaccines, wellness exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spays and neuters, dental services, parasite prevention, and more.



We are OPEN with the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 7:30 pm*
Saturday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

*On weekdays we will be closed for 1 hour in the afternoon in order to catch up on communications with our clients. This is a temporary measure. Thank you for your understanding.


Have you welcomed a new furry family member to your home? We’d love to meet them! Visit our Must Know New Pet Owner Information page for useful resources and helpful recommendations for new pet owners.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you and your furry family members again!

- Your dedicated team at Avon Animal Hospital