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Obesity in pets is a rising concern and along with dental disease is the most common issue facing pets today. Statistics in 2017 showed that over 50% of our canine population is categorized as obese. Like dental diseases, obesity in dogs is mostly preventable. Keeping our dogs in a good body condition contributes to improved quality and quantity of life.

When is a dog considered to be overweight?

Veterinarians and members of the health care team rely largely on a body condition scoring (BSC) to determine if a dog is above, below or right on target in regards to their weight. The BCS system uses a scale of 1-9 with a score of 5 being ideal. This method of scoring looks at the distribution of weight and actual weight to help the vet determine if your pet needs adjustments to their food intake or exercise regime. We are happy to provide your pet with a weight assessment. Give us a call!

Are some breeds prone to obesity?

While a few breeds have been known to be more prone to obesity, especially those who are highly food motivated (we are looking at you Labrador Retriever), all dogs are at risk of becoming obese if their activity level and calorie intake are not managed and adjusted as they grow and their lifestyle changes. Adult dogs need fewer calories than puppies, and sedentary dogs will need less than very active sporting dogs.

Why should my dog have a weight loss consultation at the hospital?

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight has been proven to add years to their life. Not only will they live longer, but diseases that often occur with or are exacerbated by obesity, such as diabetes, joint disease and heart disease, can be avoided or their impacts significantly reduced when weight is properly managed.


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