Pippy’s Tale

X-ray of Pippy the puppy​Pippy’s tale started with a very scary welcome to the world. Momma Bella came to us showing signs of difficult labour. After an exam and x-ray, it was determined that Little Pippy was the only baby Momma was carrying, but he was just too big for Momma Bella to deliver on her own.

The staff here at Avon Animal Hospital quickly prepared for an emergency C-Section surgery. As you can see from this gorgeous face, the surgery was successful and Momma Bella recovered very well.

Pippy at three-weeks-old looks just like his momma and is getting bigger every day!

Puppy drinking their mom's milk

Pippy’s first vaccine appointment with Dr. Grant went well, he is growing just as he should be. The pictures show just how impressed he was about getting a needle! Pippy is now 15-weeks-old and will be in soon for his third vaccine appointment. The doctor will do another exam, just to make sure he is still developing properly.

Cute pictures of Pippy the puppy
To watch Pippy have his first meal, check out the video below:

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