Tips For Holiday Pet Portraits

We’ve put together some useful tips to get your pet photo session ready.

1. Groom at least one to two days before the photo session. Don’t groom on the same day as the session as that may cause too much activity and stress for your pet.

2. Take your dog out to exercise before the session, that gets all those zoomies out they will be a little calmer for the session.

3. Only feed half breakfast if your pet is food motivated this way during the session you can give plenty of treats but not overfeed him and still keep attention.

4. Keep safety in mind and bring your pet on a leash or in a crate.

5. If you’re going to be in the photos think about what you’re going to wear and create a bit of contrast with your pet’s colour.

6. Bring a brush to tame last minute snarls.

7. Practicing basic commands is super helpful, so your dog will sit for at least a moment.

8. Consider props if your pet has a favourite toy or blanket. We’ll also have some festive props on hand.

9. Prepare yourself. If you are in a good mood your pet will be in a good mood. Patience and positivity go a long way.