Book an Equine Wellness Exam

We provide a wide variety of equine services including wellness exams, export certification, pre-purchase evaluations, vaccinations, dentistry and more!


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Skin Care is Important for Dogs

Skin conditions in dogs can range from mildly irritating to advanced, painful and overwhelming for both pets and owners.


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Schedule a Blood Test for Your Cat

Early detection allows for early intervention, adding years of good health and happiness for you and your cat!


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Book a Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

A fecal and urine assessment can provide valuable information about your dog’s overall health.


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Welcome to Avon Animal Hospital in Windsor, Nova Scotia

Offering both small animal and equine care, Avon Animal Hospital has been part of the community for over 25 years! A team comprised of skilled and compassionate animal health care professionals, we strive daily to have a positive impact on the lives of the animals and people we serve.

Working collaboratively with our clients, we aim to provide pets with all of their health care needs. Our strong commitment to continuing education allows us to stay current with emerging changes in veterinary medicine. Also ensuring our four-legged friends are receiving top notch care.

All of our equine veterinarians are proud members of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

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A Lifetime of Care

As we started a new year I, like many others, took a little time to look back at the years past. Not just 2017, but further back.

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Vet Carrying Two Puppies

Worms and not the Gummy Kind!

So first off, congratulations on your new puppy! Puppies are great fun, worms, however, are not.

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