Once your dream foal arrives, our team will work hard to make sure your foal is healthy! Examinations on newborn foals are an important way to screen for subtle problems, such as Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) of maternal antibodies. Stall side IgG testing allows us to evaluate the foal’s immune system for this condition so that we can initiate treatment in a timely, and often life-saving manner. Plasma transfusions are commonly performed to provide antibodies to foals that are deficient.

Neonatal services offered at Avon Animal Hospital:

  • Neonatal Exams
  • Postpartum Exams (Mare)
  • IgG Antibody Testing
  • Testing for Neonatal Isoerythrolysis
  • Plasma and Whole Blood Transfusions
  • Joint Lavage

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