It Doesn’t Stop There! What To Do After a Dental

Your pet is home fresh from a dental cleaning and is sporting some pearly whites. Within 24 hrs of dental cleaning, plaque can start accumulating and this is what we need to avoid. The good news is there are a lot of things you can do to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Just because their teeth are clean now doesn’t mean it stops there!

Here are four ways to keep your pet’s teeth looking great that can be both fun and convenient for you and your pet:

Brushing Teeth
For most dogs and cats this can be a scary process at first. It’s important to start slowly and always make it a positive experience. Have patience because teeth brushing can take up to weeks or even months to get used to. It’s definitely worth it for your pet and their health. Ideally your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily. There are a variety of pet specific brushes and yummy toothpastes available as human toothpastes can be harmful. You can pick up these different products at your veterinarian.

Dental Diets
There are dental diets for both cats and dogs. They help to remove tartar off the teeth as the
kibble is chewed. These diets can be fed as a main diet or as a replacement of their regular

Dental Chews and Treats
What could be easier than giving your dog a dental chew? It's a treat; a positive activity and teeth cleaning all in one. Oh and they will love you for it! There are many different chews and treats available in case your dog is picky. Cats do not have the same variety as dogs because they typically do not like to chew, but there are lots of different treats for them as well.

Water Additives
There is also a nifty water additive! You add some of the dental cleaning solution to your pet’s water bowl and as they drink it helps prevent plaque from accumulating on their teeth!
No plaque = No tartar.