X-ray of a Dog

Dog X-ray and Ultrasound

Avon Animal Hospital is happy to offer full-service, in-house radiographs. Referral options are available for an ultrasound by a board-certified radiologist once a month or daily/weekly through one of our sister clinics in Dartmouth.

How do you use X-ray and radiology services at your hospital?

Radiographs are a valuable extension of a basic physical exam. They can be used to aid in the diagnosis of disease by identifying abnormalities hidden on physical exam. X-ray is a safe process that can be performed with or without sedation depending on the particular concern and patient. Results are immediately available.

How should I prepare my dog for their X-ray appointment?

You may be asked to fast your pet before bringing them in if sedation or barium is a possibility. The vast majority of radiographs are done without sedation; however, it may be needed to ensure your pet is comfortable as we produce a quality image.

How much does a dog X-ray exam cost?

The fee for x-rays will depend on how many images are required. The number of images or views can vary anywhere depending on the health concern. We will be sure to provide you with an estimate of fees before performing any x-rays.

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