Blog: A Day in the Life

Black Cats Cross My Path

Various cultures attribute symbolism of different kinds to the black cat – some bad luck, some good luck; some see them as representations of evil.

Dr. Kendra Simons with a Puppy

Dr. Kendra Simons’ Outreach Experience

While studying in Grenada, the school of medicine and the school of veterinary medicine would team up to provide care for communities in the area and their pets which included cats, dogs, sheep, goats, and horses.

RVT and Chihuahua

Behind Closed Doors: A Day in the Life of a Staff Member at Avon Animal Hospital

After you and your veterinarian have determined that your pet needs dental surgery, you book an appointment and arrive at the clinic.

Female hand touching horse

A Day in the Life of an Equine Assistant

Since the time I got my first pony when I was a little girl, the importance of equine dentistry has been an aspect of horse care I have known to be very important.